Multitasking, Procrastination, And Politeness

Yah. Yeh. Yaw. Yeh.

I sit here during a recording session listening in one ear as a great talent, who absorbs direction, is in the booth opposite of me.  In one ear he’s narrating for educational film.  In the other ear is a new-to-me director giving simple direction in the most considerate manner.

In the background I can hear, “Yah Yeh Yaw Yeh.” Reminds me of the older gentleman with whom I boarded in University. (I hated that University) He would say almost nothing on the phone except, “Yah Yeh Yaw Yeh”. I always assumed he was being given direction, or at the very least, the days events from a talky-talker.

Still, the “Yah Yeh Yaw Yeh” is deafening.  However faint it may be on the line.  I think she wants to be elsewhere.  The more I hear her, the more I’d like to be elsewhere.

<pauses to hit apple+s>

More polite direction.  I like this director.  He’s clear, concise and doesn’t waste time. When he has what he needs, he moves on.  Not a single “Yah Yeh Yaw Yeh” out of him.

I’ve directed quite a few talent over the years and I’ve always appreciated the straight to the point questions.  And most certainly, the straight to the point responses.

<text message. another welcome distraction.>

The art of polite conversation (or in this case, direction) seems to be lost on so many people.  In previous recording session, the director was…well, rude.  It made me cringe.  I think at one point I was about to say, “Okay, we’re done here.”  But that would be rude…and I’m not a fan of rude.  Politeness, the noun derivative of the adjective “polite”, is by definition relating to a person in manner that shows behaviour that is respectful or considerate of other people.

Yah. Yeh. Yaw. Yeh.  I like that definition.

<excellent. an IM from a producer. I’m loving the distractions here today.>

Where was I?  Right.  It’s important to be polite when you find people procrastinating when they should be multitasking.

Yah. Yeh. Yaw. Yeh.  That’s what I meant to say earlier.

Albert Berkshire is a writer, producer and voice actor. He lives, writes and plays on Canada’s West Coast, and from time to time, he shares the stories that make his company, GreatCreative.Com successful. For a much shorter rambling follow Albert on Twitter @albertberkshire.

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