The Novel: We Made A Pact

From Friesen Press:

We Made A Pact is not a love story. It is a story of a promise made between soul mates who loved their entire life. The type of love that comes with maturity, in which each touched a part of the others mind that no words could ever reach. Beginning in Paris, crossing decades and ending in the small town of Oceanside, the story is carefully told to Leigh by Leonard, her mother’s lover, as he explains a side of her life, a side of her mother, that she never knew.

Albert Berkshire is a British Columbia-based writer. Originally from the Island of Newfoundland, Albert has spent much of his life writing short stories and articles partly for the love of writing, and partly because he’s always believed some things are better put to paper than left rattling around inside one’s head. His life and career-to-date permits that he live anywhere in the world an internet connection is found, but chooses to call Canada home simply for the lifestyle. We Made A Pact is his freshman offering of fiction.

From Albert Berkshire:

We Made A Pact is available at,, and directly from the publisher, I hope you enjoy it.

*Credit, where credit is due. The cover art for We Made A Pact was graciously painted by British Columbia artist, Korenna Corby. Much of her work sits in private collections. Discover more from Ms. Corby at