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I think I once had an ego…not so much anymore.

It’s not that I don’t care about my work.  I do!  I love it.  I just don’t care what my peers think.  Clients?  Hell Yeah I care…but those who are in the business?  Naaaah.  If they like it or not makes little difference to me.

Maybe that means I’ve hit my stride.  Maybe someone will tell me what that really means.  Maybe I don’t really care what it means.  And maybe THAT means I’ve hit my stride.

Or maybe it really means that psycho internet stalker that found me to be an interesting source of entertainment for his/her/its evil, hateful brain is wasting his/her/its time…cause I really don’t care.   Byegones, asshole.

I’ve seen and heard campaigns that made me say, “I wish I wrote that.” I’ve seen and heard campaigns that made me say, “I wish I could write those kind of campaigns every day.” I remember hearing a country music star back in the 90‘s talk about a rock song, saying, “I wish I wrote that.” And even then, before I was more than a year or two into my career, I completely understood what he meant.

I’m always telling my clients to brag a little.  Don’t be so humble.  You do amazing things everyday.  Tell the world.  “Yadda Yadda”, I’m sure they all think.  But the point is, when someone LOVES your work – be they clients, industry peers, or just people who had a few wobbly pops at an awards ceremony – you should lap it up like sparky with a bowl of milk.

You should.  Because it’s your work.  And there’s a good chance you put your heart and soul into the project.  And when someone says something good about it – take it and relish in it.  Live in the moment! Like my good friend Bryan Shrake says, “You have an amazing story to tell.  So tell it!”  (or for the Lords of Kobol sake, hire me to tell it for you)

Anyway, my company’s client, Frame Custom Homes, won a Tommie 2010 Gold Award for Excellence in Logo Design.  And after we walked up on stage in front of over 500 cheering guests (possibly drowned out by our wonderfully supportive partners) to accept that oh-so coveted award, I realized, this is really great for my friend and designer – Jeff Chandler

And it is.

You should hear his story.

Yes, we won. No, this isn't ours to keep. No, I have no idea what the hell was up with my shirt.

Albert Berkshire is a writer, producer and voice actor. He lives, writes and plays on Canada’s West Coast, and from time to time, he shares the stories that make his company, GreatCreative.Com successful. For a much shorter rambling follow Albert on Twitter @albertberkshire.